Another Time | Bobby Lewis

Another Time





(The LA Jazz Scene): Bobby Lewis, switching between flugelhorn and trumpet, has a mellow sound and an easily swinging and melodic style. 

His third recording for Southport has an impressive amount of variety with quartet pieces (which also feature Jim Ryan on piano and occasional

synthesizer), three effective vocals by Lewis and a three-song "Moments" ("Suite") that is comprised of versions of "Stolen Moments," 

"One Moment Please" and "Moment's Notice." The latter suite utilizes a vocal section with up to eight singers arranged by Jennifer Shelton, daughter 

of Don Shelton (a former member of The Hi-Lo's who is also on this project).Throughout the bop-based set, Bobby Lewis displays an attractive sound

and the ability to come up with fresh ideas on such songs as "A Child Is Born," "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" and even "Baby Elephant Walk."

The veteran trumpeter (who has long made his home in Chicago) deserves much greater recognition and this CD gives listeners a fine sampling of his


-- Scott Yanow

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